We Can Ship Common Carrier to the Sacramento Area!

Rates are more reasonable than you might think.  Send us an email with the number of sheets you think you might need and your zip code and we can fire you a quote right back.

Over the years we have met a number of homeowners who live in Streng Bros. homes in the Davis and Sacramento area. Steng siding is unique and often not available locally from lumber yards.

Some Streng homes have siding that is an exact match to Eichler homes while others have their own unique pattern. Please call us if you don't see a pattern listed on our sample page that looks like what you have.  We can mill plywood siding to match just about any pattern.

If your Streng home does not have plywood siding, but has vertical solid boards with unique groove patterns chances are we can duplicate that as well.

Even if you don't need siding now, if you would like to let us know the type of siding you have on your Streng or similar home we would be interested in hearing from you.   

So email us or give us a call.  And if possible a photo works great too.


 Email us at or call us at 415-883-5300.